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  1. Intervention: Setting Players Individual Challenges within a game. Why: When an improvement could be made to an aspect of the players game give them a challenge and asked them to count how many times they achieved that challenge. After a set period of time ask them how many times they had achieved the challenge.

  2. Coaching style: Asking Players to work in a group to devise their own strategy. Why: To provide players with ownership on how they could setup as a team to be more effective within the session. The players worked out that they would be best as an attacking team positioning themselves across the pitch; centre, left and right to receive the ball from the zones set out for the session.

  3. Coaching style: Asking Players on match day to sort out the team and what Sherburn White Rose playing principles they should think of demonstrating within the game. Why: To provide players ownership of team tactics for match day and ensuring the playing principles are self learnt.

  4. Coaching style: Asking Players what went well and what could be improved on at the end of match day. Why: To provide player ownership of their learning and development.

  5. Coaching style: Referring to our principles of play board. In a group players to review principles of play board. Why: To provide player ownership of their learning and development.