The club promotes the latest FA Respect initiatives and is a recognised FA Charter standard club. More details on the Respect Campaign can be seen on this page and can be viewed at There is a download available on this page which is useful reference guide for parents supporting their players.

The Junior Leagues

The FA philosophy of developing players that can make their own decisions and learn from their mistakes is promoted. So no robot instructions from the sidelines constantly guiding the players or putting pressure on them by criticising their mistakes. You learn through trying and experimenting. It could be that your telling them to do one thing and the coach the opposite - it will be confusing for the player. Just positive praise and encouragement to be the best that they can be. Development of a player should be a long term view. Phrases like "Get Rid!", "Boot it!", "Don't try and do too much", are a thing of the past. The Future player is confident on the ball, keeps possession of the ball, makes their own decisions and can take on players. Above all - enjoy the game and thanks for your support.

Kit required for matches and training

  • Shin Guards must be worn for training and matches

  • At the end of every training session, please ensure your player has got with them any rain jackets and water bottles etc

  • In winter, under layers should be worn and in cold weather, hats and gloves should be worn

  • Every player, should bring a bottle of water with them to training and matches (Please no sugary drinks - it sends them hyper)

  • No jewelry (Watches and earrings etc) to be worn at training or matches - it is a health and safety hazard and a distraction

  • Kit is yellow for matches (you must be signed up via the club registration form and have setup the direct debit or provided the annual cheque to receive the kit and play in matches/training)

  • Please adhere to the footwear rules set out in the guide below when playing on the 3G at Sherburn High School. The rules also apply to parents so please don't on go on the 3G at the high school with your shoes on.


Please download

and read

Footwear guidance for

3G Sherburn High School